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This week: hear Alex (HaGefan)s

Programme 451 – Alex (HaGefan)

Whilst in Tel Aviv recently, I met Alex. He was born into a Jewish family in Russia and came to live in Israel when he was 15. We met at a coffee bar on a noisy street, as you will hear! Like all new immigrants to the country, he had to learn the language and do his army service … but for Alex, life suddenly became more difficult when he discovered he had leukaemia. Would he survive? In search of answers he turned to Judaism and became an orthodox Jew. But as you will hear, this was not the answer for him.

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The next OTRF tour to Israel will be from 16th – 26th November, 2020

The main reason for the tour will be to meet local believers, people we work closely with, both Jewish and Arab/Palestinian believers. As well we will travel around the country visiting many key Biblical and historical sites to help us understand modern Israel and what God is doing there today.
The tour will be led by Norman and Julia Fisher with Ann Pawson.
The outline itinerary and booking form can be found by visiting our Tour page.

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‘The Olive Tree’ is a weekly programme. Each programme asks the simple question, ‘What is God doing in Israel and the Palestinian Areas today?’ and the answers will be provided by believers living in the Holy Land, both Jews and Arabs, as well as by others who know the situation well.


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Understanding Modern Israel

Since its start in 2008 the purpose of The Olive Tree Reconciliation Fund has always been to build bridges of understanding and support, in a spirit of reconciliation, between believers in the Holy Land – both Jews and Arabs – with Christians worldwide.