What is God doing in Israel?

By Julia Fisher

All too often, the Middle East makes us think of intractable conflict, an impossible political situation, and religion dividing communities rather than drawing them together. Yet this is not the whole picture, and against the background of danger and seemingly impossible challenges, followers of Christ are coming together from both Jewish and Palestinian backgrounds. Julia Fisher meets Jews who have immigrated from across the world, evangelical Palestinian Christians, and Jewish and Arab Christians sharing their faith across the dividing lines.

Their stories are challenging because they are about people who, because of their faith, have variously been disonwed by their family, have suffered personal tragedy, have lost jobs and personal reputation, or are living in fear of losing their life. At the same time, these are stories that are full of hope and life and excitement … So who better to ask, “What is God doing in Israel?” than the people who believe in Him who live there?


What is God doing in Israel? – Price: £8.99 + p&p



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