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Radio programmes from 61 to 75

Programme 75 – Zev Porat (part 3)

Today Zev Porat continues telling his story. Born into an ultra religious Jewish family – he was expected to become a rabbi. But he didn’t. Instead he shocked his family by becoming a believer in Jesus, or Yeshua which resulted in his losing his job, his home and his family cut him off. So what is Zvi doing today? He is preaching the gospel from morning to evening as he now explains.

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Programme 74 – Zev Porat (part 2)

Today we hear more from Zev Porat. Born into an ultra religious Jewish family – he was expected to become a rabbi. But he didn’t. Instead he shocked his family by becoming a believer in Jesus,

or Yeshua. As a result his family cut him off, he lost his job and he and his wife ended up living on the beach in Tel Aviv.

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Programme 73 – Zev Porat

Today my guest is Zev Porat. What you are about to hear is one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard. Zev was born into an ultra religious Jewish family – descended from a long line

of distinguished rabbis. As you will hear, it was expected that Zev would become a rabbi too. However, that wasn’t to be as Zev told me when we met in Tel Aviv.

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Programme 72 – Katerina

This week we’re back in Jerusalem where my guest is Katerina, a Swiss German Christian living in a community that works amongst Palestinian Muslim people. Here Katerina describes her experience

of getting to know and like people from another culture, who speak a different language. I asked her what drew her to Israel.

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Programme 71 – Hans

This week I’m in Jerusalem with Hans … we’ve changed his name to protect his identity … who is Swiss German. You might wonder whether it’s possible for a Palestinian Muslim living in Jerusalem to become a Christian and develop a love for Israel and the Jewish people. Well Hans can answer that question because he is living and working amongst Palestinian Muslims in the Old City of Jerusalem. I asked him what drew him to Israel.

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Programme 70 – Lisa Loden

My guest today is Lisa Loden. Married to David, they have lived in Israel for over 30 years. Both from Jewish families, they used to be hippies in America searching for truth and meaning to life. When somebody told them that Jesus was the Messiah they were amazed … and eventually, they came to faith and when they arrived in Israel in 1974, they were amongst some of the earliest Messianic Jewish believers living in the land. Today those numbers have grown and there are approximately 12,000 Jewish believers in Israel today. Lisa has always been interested in reconciliation between her own Jewish people and the Palestinian people with whom they share the land. Thirty years on, her work in this area is taking her to other troubled areas in the world. We met in Netanya recently and Lisa explains her passion for and belief in reconciliation in its deepest sense.

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Programme 69 – David Loden

Today my guest is David Loden who with his wife Lisa moved to Israel from the United States in 1974 after becoming believers. By 1976 they had started a Messianic Jewish congregation called Beit Asaph – one of the earliest congregations in Israel. David is also a professional musician and for years it was his passion to see Handel’s Messiah performed to an Israeli audience in Hebrew – something that had never been done before. As you are about to hear, this year saw the realisation of his dream….

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Programme 68 – Brian Slater

Today I’m talking to a Jewish believer called Brian Slater. I met him recently in Netanya, a city just north of Tel Aviv. He was born into a secular Jewish family in Los Angeles and today he’s running soup kitchens in Israel to help the poor and needy. Where did it all begin?

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Programme 67 – Donna & Michelle, volunteers with Shevet Achim

Last week we heard from Jonathan Miles, the founder of Shevet Achim – an organisation that brings desperately sick children from Arab nations surrounding Israel, into Israel for life saving surgery by Israeli doctors. Today my guests are Donna and Michelle, two volunteers from the United States who are working with Shevet Achim based in Jerusalem.

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Programme 66 – Jonathan Miles

My guest today is Jonathan Miles. By profession he’s a journalist and 15 or so years ago, he was working in Jerusalem in that capacity. But one day his life changed for ever when he was asked to help a mother with a desperately sick child. That encounter resulted in him starting an organisation called Shevet Achim. I met Jonathan at their offices in Jerusalem recently and he shared his story.

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Programme 65 – Zvi Randelman and Alex

The Olive Tree programme is recorded in Israel and the Palestinian Areas bringing you news and interviews direct from the Jewish and Arab believers who live there to give you a picture of what God is doing in the Holy Land today so that we can pray with understanding and support the believers there in practical ways.

If you are a regular listener, you will remember that two weeks ago we heard from Zvi Randelman. A Messianic Jewish believer who is the pastor of a congregation in Jerusalem, he is also the founder and director of a drug and alcohol rehab centre called Beit HaYeshua. Here he welcomes both Jews and Arabs. Zvi makes it clear from the start that the rehab programme he offers is based entirely on faith, namely faith in Jesus or Yeshua, as He is known in Israel, and His power to break the bondage of addiction.

When I visited Beit HaYeshua recently, I met a number of men currently in the programme including Alex, a Jew originally from the former Soviet Republic..

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Programme 64 – Marcel Rebiai

On this programme we ask one simple question, what is God doing in Israel and the wider Middle East today? How are we to make sense of the current unrest that is causing such turmoil in the Arab nations? Does the Bible have anything specific to say about this? And what about reconciliation between Jew and Arab … is this possible against such a troubled backdrop? To help answer these questions, I met Marcel Rebiai recently at his home in Jerusalem, which incidentally, overlooks Mount Zion! Marcel is leader of The Community of Reconciliation working amongst both Jews and Palestinians. Here’s what he had to say.

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Programme 63 – Zvi Randelman and Dennis

Today I’m taking you to Jerusalem, to an industrial area south of the city where there is a drug rehabilitation centre called Beit HaYeshua. The founder and director is Zvi Randelman and with him is Dennis, a former drug addict who is now on the staff. I started by asking Zvi to describe what happens here.

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Programme 62 – Michael Ralph

In Israel, once they reach the age of 18, young people are expected to serve in the army, the IDF – Israeli Defence Force. For many this is a tough experience, especially for the men who are exposed to actively defending their country – as many are. In recent years, as the number of Messianic believers has been growing, so more have been entering the army. To maintain their faith has been a challenge – as my guest this week, Michael Ralph, found out for himself.

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Programme 61 – Angelika Raheb

Last week we heard from a Palestinian Christian called Maron. A former drug addict, today he’s an evangelist and church planter in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Today we hear from Maron’s German-born wife Angelika. What brought her to Israel?

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