Programmes 46 – 60

Radio programmes from 46 to 60

Programme 60 – Maron Raheb

Today my guest is a Palestinian Christian called Maron. Born and brought up in the Old City of

Jerusalem, he used to be a drug addict. Today he’s married with a young family and he and his

wife Angelika, who we’ll hear from next week, are active evangelists and church planters

particularly in the West Bank. We met in their house, and I put it to him that he’s been on quite

a journey!

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Programme 59 – Barry Segal

Barry Segal is the founder and director of The Joseph Storehouse, a humanitarian aid project

based just outside Jerusalem that helps anybody in need regardless of race or religion.

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Programme 58 – Mazen Nasrawi

Come with me to the Old City of Jerusalem, to the evangelical Alliance Church, to meet a

Palestinian Christian called Mazen Nasrawi. He is a pastor of the church. Hear the story of how

he moved from being a gambler involved in drugs to being a Christian pastor.

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Programme 57 – Ron Cantor

There are a number of Bible verses that refer to Israel being a ‘light to the nations’; but what

does this mean? My guest today can explain the answer. He is Ron Cantor and we met recently in

Tel Aviv where he now lives. Born into a tradition Jewish home, he grew up in America and for

many years was not interested in God. However, a Christian friend talked to him and gradually Ron

started to believe. A serious car crash had a profound effect on his thinking as Ron describes.

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Programme 56 – Labib Madanat

With the recent eruption of conflict in the Arab nations, who better to ask for his perspective

that an Arab Christian living in the region, Labib Madanat. Julia Fisher met him in Jerusalem

recently. Labib is the Bible Lands co-ordinator for the work of Bible Society in the Holy Land.

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Programme 55 – Joshua Pex (part 2)

Last week we heard from Joshua Pex, a Jewish lawyer working in Jerusalem who, along with his wife

Sarah – a social worker – is using his spare time to fight against the injustice of slavery and

sex trafficking in Israel today. He told us about Elena, a young woman from Moldova who came to

Israel thinking she would have a job caring for the elderly. However, she found herself the

victim of a cruel hoax and forced into prostitution. Here Joshua brings the story up to date.

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Programme 54 – Joshua Pex (part 1)

This week, Julia Fisher’s guest is Joshua Pex. Born in Eilat in southern Israel to a Jewish

mother and a Dutch father, after serving his statutory time in the Israeli army, he went to study

law at university and today he works for a large law firm in Jerusalem where he specialises in

human rights, social justice and religious freedom in Israel. He is married to Sarah, a social

worker; and it is perhaps because of meeting Sarah that he was first introduced to an aspect of

Israeli society that lies largely hidden from view – sex trafficking.

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Programme 53 – Raaja Grimberg

Join Julia Fisher at the YMCA in West Jerusalem to meet Raaja Grimberg. She was born into an Arab

family living in the north of Israel. As Raaja was growing up, her parents, who are Christians,

were very involved leading an organisation called Kings Kids which brings Arab and Jewish

children together in a spirit of reconciliation. And so it was against this backdrop that Raaja

developed her thinking as she explains.

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Programme 52 – Etie Shoshani

Here Etie Shoshani, a Jewish believer, shares her story. From a religious family, she recounts

how she came to believe in Jesus/Yeshua and then how she got involved in reconciliation with

Palestinian Christians.

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Programme 51 – A journey into the West Bank

Julia Fisher travels from Jerusalem into Jericho and the heart of the West Bank to meet two

Palestinian Christians who are trying to help their own people and bring them comfort and hope.

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Programme 50 – Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas is the pastor of a Messianic congregation called Beit Asaph situated in Netanya, just

north of Tel Aviv. He also has a great heart for the Palestinian people and is one of the leaders

of the reconciliation movement that is gaining momentum in the country between the believers


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Programme 49 – Nardine Khalil

Nardine Khalil is a student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her mother is English; her

father is Palestinian – Nardine was born and brought up in Nazareth, a predominantly Arab town in

Israel. Nardine describes herself as a Palestinian Israeli Christian. In this interview she tells

Julia Fisher about her struggle with identity.

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Programme 48 – Thomas Damianos

My guest today is an Arab Christian living in Haifa. He qualified as an architect, then a civil

engineer and today he’s a practising lawyer. He also has a degree in Biblical studies. He was

born in Haifa to a Greek father and an Arab mother and his name is Thomas Damianos. His passion

is to draw Jewish and Arab students together to study the Bible.

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Programme 47 – Lisa Loden

Lisa Loden came to live in Israel with her husband David in 1974. Former hippies, they were some

of the first Messianic believers to arrive in recent times and they helped to establish a

congregation in Netanya, called Beit Asaph.

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Programme 46 – Yarden Nasser

Last week we heard from Peter Nasser, an Arab Christian evangelist working on the team of Jews

for Jesus. As promised, this week we’re hearing from Peter’s wife Yarden who is Jewish. Yarden’s

story began in the Ukraine. Born into a secular Jewish family, Yarden decided to come and live in

Israel when she was just 15 years old.

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