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Programme 255 – Itzhak Mor Haim

Recently I met Itzhak Mor Haim in Tel Aviv. He’s a musician. Inspired by King David who wrote the Psalms we read in the Bible and was himself a gifted musician, Itzhak had a dream to establish a music school in Israel to train young Israelis to play worship music just like King David. When I met him 12 months ago, this vision was still a dream yet to be realised. But on this occasion, Itzhak described how his music school has now become a reality.

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Programme 254 – David Pileggi

This week I’m in Jerusalem talking to David Pileggi, the rector of Christ Church, the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East. Completed in 1849, it was built for numerous reasons, but the foremost was that the founders of CMJ (Christian Mission to Jews) had a great love and concern for the Jewish people and wanted to share with them the Good News of Messiah Jesus. They also anticipated the Jewish return to the Land of Israel in fulfillment of what was understood to be Bible prophecy (long before the advent of Zionism) and wanted to be in a position to help that process. Today Christ Church is an evangelical Anglican congregation comprised of expatriates who have come to serve in Israel or the West Bank along with local believers (both Jews and Arabs). David begins by describing where the majority of visitors to Christ Church come from.

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Programme 253 – Patrick (part 2 of 2)

My guest today is Patrick. He lives with his wife in Haifa, northern Israel, where he works as a chef in a guest house called Beit Yedidia. But his life hasn’t always been so straightforward because for over 30 years Patrick battled with addiction to alcohol and hard drugs.

Five years ago, aged 41, he entered the House of Victory in Haifa, a rehab centre run by believers. His life changed, the power of addiction was broken and he emerged back into the world a new man. For many years he lived on the streets of Tel Aviv – today, when he is not working, he is back on those same streets talking to the addicts who live there. Listen now as Patrick describes what it is like for him going back to those very streets where he once lived such a desperate life.

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Programme 248 – Patrick (part 1 of 2)

Today finds us in Haifa in northern Israel; a city where Israeli Jews and Arabs live side by side and where they enjoy a peaceful co-existence. Come with me to the House of Victory or Beit Nitzachon as it’s called in Hebrew, a rehab centre run by believers that welcomes both Jews and Arabs.

My guest is Patrick. He was born in Holland to a Jewish family who moved to Australia where Patrick spent his early life. Much to his disappointment, his parents then moved to Israel – and it was here that Patrick’s life descended into a nightmare that was to last over 30 years. He started abusing alcohol and soft drugs in his early teens. For some years he managed to hold down a responsible and successful career as a professional chef despite being addicted to heroin. However, by the age of 42 he was living on the streets of Tel Aviv – his life in tatters and about to end.

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Programme 252 – Azar Ajaj

Today we are in Nazareth where the majority of the population are Israeli Arabs who are Muslim. However, there are a small number of Christian Arabs who live here including my guest Azar Ajaj. He is principal of the Nazareth Evangelical College which trains Arab Christians to be church leaders.
But, as you will hear, there is more to Azar’s story because he is passionate about reconciliation between Arabs and Jews, particularly amongst believers in Jesus.

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Programme 251 – Lance Lambert Tribute (part 3 of 3)

Recently, the well known Jewish believer and Bible teacher, Lance Lambert, died. I was privileged to interview him just a few months ago and in this, the third of three tribute programmes to remember his life, we hear, how in 1979 he decided the time had come to leave the UK and become an Israeli citizen and move to Israel. I asked him why.

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Programme 250 – Lance Lambert Tribute (part 2 of 3)

This week we broadcast the second of three tribute programmes to remember the life of Lance Lambert who died recently. He was born into an aristocratic Jewish family in London in 1931. He had no idea his was Jewish until his mother told him when he was an adult by which time he had become a believer in Jesus and was leader of a fellowship in Richmond, Surrey called Halford House. I asked him whether it changed the course of his life when he eventually found out his true identity.

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Programme 249 – Lance Lambert Tribute (part 1 of 3)

Recently Lance Lambert died. He was one of the best known Messianic Bible teachers of recent times and I was privileged to interview him during the final few months of his life. He was born in the UK in 1931 – ‘that saved my life’, he told me, because his family was Jewish. In this, the first of three tribute programmes, Lance describes his early life and his unusual family background.

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Programme 247 – Celeste Mills (part 2 of 2)

This week we are back in Tiberias beside the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel and I’m talking to Celeste Mills who is the worship leader in the Peniel Messianic Jewish Congregation. Celeste is also a wife and mother – she is a busy lady! However, she is part of a growing movement of worship leaders and song writers emerging in Israel at this time.

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Programme 246 – Celeste Mills (part 1 of 2)

My guest today is Celeste Mills. Her husband is the headmaster of the Peniel Messianic Jewish school in Tiberias, in northern Israel – we heard from him on last week’s programme. Celeste is a musician and has her own fascinating story to tell, because as well as supporting her husband and raising their family, she’s also busy in her role as the worship leader in their local congregation. We met in Tiberias and Celeste started sharing her story.

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Programme 245 – Benjamin Mills (part 2 of 2)

Once again we’re in Tiberias on the shores of the sea of Galilee in northern Israel. It was around these shores that Jesus spent much of his early ministry in places like Capernaum and Bethsaida. To be in this place is quite literally to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. But of course today there are Jewish believers in Jesus who live here. The numbers are still relatively small, but they are growing. As we heard on last week’s programme, there is a Messianic Jewish school in Tiberias, where Benjamin Mills is the headmaster. This was the first school for children from believing families in the land. Since then, others have started, as Benjamin now describes.

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Programme 244 – Benjamin Mills (part 1 of 2)

This week’s edition of The Olive Tree finds us in Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel. My guest today is Benjamin Mills, headmaster of the Penial Learning Centre – a Messianic Jewish school for children up to the age of 12.

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Programme 243 – Roger (NETS)

Today finds us in Nazareth in northern Israel at a college called the Nazareth Evangelical Training Seminary where young Israeli Arab Christians come to be trained for the ministry. Whilst there I met Roger … Originally from Jordan, Roger is currently the pastor of a church in Upper Nazareth and chairman of the Synod of Evangelical Churches in Israel.
He has a fascinating story to tell.

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Programme 242 – Chaya Mizrachi

Today my guest is Chaya Mizrachi. Her husband Avi is the pastor of a congregation in Tel Aviv called Dugit and together they have a heart not only for Jewish people but also for Israeli Arabs and the Muslim Palestinians living in the West Bank.
I met Chaya in a hotel in Tel Aviv recently just before she was due to speak to a group of Israeli Messianic Jewish women. What was she hoping the day would hold?

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Programme 241 – Rod Powell (part 2 of 2)

Today I’m taking you back to Haifa in northern Israel where my guest is Rod Powell. Originally from America, for many years he and his wife Margie were missionaries in Russia. They came to Israel a few years ago where, through a chance meeting with a prostitute, the course of their lives was to change.

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