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Programme 225 – Lance Lambert (part 3 of 3)

Today we hear more from Lance Lambert, a Jewish believer and well known Bible teacher. Born in the UK in the 1930’s, in 1979 he decided the time had come to become an Israeli citizen and move to Israel. I asked him why.

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Programme 224 – Lance Lambert (part 2 of 3)

Lance Lambert was born into an aristocratic Jewish family in London in 1931. He had no idea he was Jewish until his mother told him when he was an adult by which time he had become a believer in Jesus and was leader of a fellowship in Richmond, Surrey called Halford House. I asked him whether it changed the course of his life when he eventually found out his true identity.

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Programme 223 – Lance Lambert (part 1 of 3)

Lance Lambert is perhaps one of the best known Messianic Bible teachers of recent times. He was born in the UK in 1931 – ‘that saved my life’, he told me, because his family was Jewish. I met Lance recently to record his story and in this the first of three programmes, Lance describes his early life and his unusual family background.

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Programme 222 – Salim Munayer (part 2 of 2)

Today my guest is Dr Salim Munayer, a Palestinian believer in Jesus who lives in J’lem. He is the founder and director of Musalaha, an organisation that draws together young Palestinian and Jewish believers in order to break down the walls of hostility and instead build relationships based on their faith in Jesus. In this interview, I started by asking Salim to describe what it is like to live as a Christian in the West Bank, under the Palestinian Authority, where the majority of the people are muslim; and then what it is like for muslims who are becoming believers in Jesus.

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Programme 221 – Salim Munayer (part 1 of 2)

Today my guest is Dr Salim Munayer. He describes himself as a Palestinian Christian, an Israeli citizen who lives in Jerusalem, and is married with 4 sons. As well as teaching at the Bethlehem Bible College, Salim is also the founder and director of Musalaha, which means reconciliation in Arabic – an organisation that brings Arab/Palestinian Christians together with Messianic Jewish believers in a spirit of reconciliation.
In Israel and the middle east, the issue of identity – what you believe and where you come from – is paramount. So I was interested to know why Salim describes himself as a Palestinian, rather than an Israeli Arab, when he was born and lives in Israel.

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Programme 220 – Miriam

Today my guest is Miriam. Born in Russia to a Jewish family, she came to live in Israel as a young girl. She is now in her mid 20’s and just finishing her university degree as well as leading the children’s work at a messianic congregation in Netanya called Beit Asaph. I asked her to describe some of the things she has been doing over the past year.

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Programme 219 – MBB (part 2 of 2)

The interview you are about to hear is with a former Muslim who became a Christian. He is a Palestinian living in the West Bank in a village where the majority of the population are Muslim. His story is heart breaking and demonstrates the cost to a Muslim of becoming a Christian – they are quite literally put outside the camp along with their wife and children.
I met him recently in the West Bank – the rendezvous in a roadside layby was arranged by a believer from Israel who is working within the Palestinian communities … this is dangerous work and for that reason, these people will remain anonymous.
In understanding what God is doing despite the chaos that is the Middle East it is important that stories such as this are told because the truth is that many Muslims are becoming disillusioned with their experience of Islam and when they hear about Jesus they want to know more.

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Programme 218 – MBB (part 1 of 2)

Recently, I had the privilege of travelling into the West Bank to meet a man who used to be a Muslim, but who had become a believer in Jesus as a result of being given a Bible. For a Muslim to renounce his faith in Allah and the Koran and instead become a believer in Jesus is considered a crime deserving death. Having heard that there are considerable numbers of Muslims living in the majority Muslim population of the Palestinian West Bank who are becoming Christians, I was keen to hear a story first hand and bring this to you.

The man you are about to hear lives in a small village that is 100% Muslim – he described the people he lives amongst as fanatical. I cannot tell you his name or how or where we met, but we recorded this interview in a car and the voices you hear are the former Muslim Palestinian man speaking in Hebrew through an interpreter.

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Programme 217 – Irana Ben Haim

Today finds us in Netanya, a city just north of Tel Aviv in Israel and my guest is Irana Ben Haim who immigrated to Israel from Russia. Many Russian Jews have moved to Israel and Irana’s story demonstrates the challenges this faces. She knew from a young age that she was Jewish … so listen now as she starts by describing her early life.

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Programme 216 – Palestinian Christian in Jerusalem

Today I’m talking to a Palestinian Christian who lives and works in Jerusalem. I have known him for many years. He is married and has children. But at the end of a long working day, he regularly travels into the West Bank villages to share his faith with Muslim people who are keen to hear more about Jesus.

This is dangerous work and tiring work … you will hear the weariness in his voice … but what you are about to hear reveals the passion God has for the Palestinian people and how He wants them to know Him.

So what is happening?

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Programme 215 – Victor Kalisher

Today my guest is Victor Kalisher, a Director of Bible Society work in Jerusalem. Victor’s father survived the Holocaust and came to live in Israel where he became a believer in Jesus … at that time, there were very few believers living in the land so Victor grew up knowing his family was ‘unusual’.

We met in the Bible Society’s shop in Jaffa Street, on the edge of East Jerusalem and Victor told me about some of the surprising conversations he has been having recently.

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Programme 214 – Shiboleet (part 2 of 2)

Today we hear more from Shiboleet … born on a secular kibbutz in northern Israel, she grew up in the children’s house, seeing little of her parents. Whilst at university she studied the Bible and Judaism and it was there she became a believer in Jesus.

I met Shiboleet in Jerusalem at the offices of a pro-life organisation called Be-ad Chaim where she is a counsellor. As you will hear, she understands the heartache attached to abortion. I started by asking her how she got involved with this organisation.

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Programme 213 – Shiboleet (part 1 of 2)

Coming to faith in Jesus, or Yeshua, is a huge step for any Jewish person and on today’s programme, my guest, who is called Shiboleet, describes her journey of belief. She was born in northern Israel in the Galilee where she grew up on a kibbutz. In this, the first of two programmes, she starts by describing her early life.

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Programme 212 – David Parsons

Recently whilst in Jerusalem I visited the International Christian Embassy to meet David Parsons, who has been the Media Director there since 1995. I asked him to explain the role of the International Christian Embassy.

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Programme 211 – Lev Guler

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