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Programme 195 – Jewish believer (Anon) Part 2 of 2

Last week we heard from a Jewish believer living in Israel who is working amongst Muslim people in the nations surrounding Israel – it is for that reason that he must remain anonymous. I met him in J’lem to record this interview. Listen now as he describes how he is seeing many Muslim people coming to faith in Jesus and why he believes a prophecy in Isaiah chapter 19 is so relevant to what God is doing in the Middle East today.

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Programme 194 – Jewish believer (Anon) Part 1 of 2

My guest today must remain anonymous. He is Jewish and lives in Israel. I met him in J’lem where we recorded this interview. He was born in America into a secular Jewish family. He studied at Berkley, California and it was there that he came to faith in Jesus. For him, this was life changing and he immediately wanted to test his faith by living outside his comfort zone. Initially he investigated being a missionary in China. But very quickly he became interested in the Muslim world, as he now explains.

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Programme 191 – Barry Barnett

Today finds us in BeerSheva in southern Israel with a team of Jews for Jesus missionaries, hearing what motivates them to go out and share their faith in Jesus with a sometimes interested but often hostile Jewish audience. Barry Barnett is Jewish. He used to be a teacher in London. Today he is one of those missionaries. I asked him to share his story.

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Programme 193 – Dina Sered

On a recent visit to Israel, I met Dina Sered. Her husband Dan, is Director of Jews for Jesus in Israel. Dina has a remarkable story of her own as she now explains.

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Programme 192 – Mazen Naswari

With so many bad news stories coming out of the Middle East, this programme asks the simple question, What is God doing there in these days? As you will hear, the answers to that question are surprising, even miraculous given the depth of feeling, especially mistrust, that exists in the region. So today finds us in the Old City of Jerusalem to meet Mazen Naswari, who is pastor of the J’lem Alliance church where Palestinian Christians of all ages meet regularly for prayer, Bible study, services and children’s activities. As I opened the door of the church, I was met by a large group of children … Mazen starts by explaining what was going on.

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Programme 190 – David Zadok (part 2 of 2)

David Zadok has an unusual story. Today he is the director of a publishing house; he is also the pastor of a Messianic congregation in a town just a few miles south of Tel Aviv. He was born in Israel but when still a very young child, his parents took him to Iran and left him there. David takes up the story.

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Programme 189 – David Zadok (part 1 of 2)

Recently I travelled to a town south of Tel Aviv to meet David Zadok. He is a Jewish believer, the pastor of a congregation, the director of a publishing house and also very involved in education.
In this, the first of two programmes about David, we hear about a new building – a unique building – that is almost finished and will be home to the members of David’s congregation. I asked him to share the story with you about how it came about.

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Programme 188 – Alison Barnett (part 2 of 2)

Alison Barnett is Jewish … she found that out at the age of 34 whilst studying at Bible college in the UK. Today Alison and her husband Barry are missionaries with Jews for Jesus. I met them in Israel recently to record their stories. Alison’s story of coming to faith is similar to that of many Jewish people – how to tell your family you have become a believer in Jesus.

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Programme 187 – Alison Barnett (part 1 of 2)

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Olive Tree with me Julia Fisher. This programme aims to bring you news and interviews from believers in Jesus living in Israel and the wider Middle East. I met Alison Barnett at a kibbutz in southern Israel recently whilst she was helping with an evangelistic campaign in the area with the missionary organisation, Jews for Jesus. Alison was brought up in Liverpool and has a fascinating story to tell.

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Programme 186 – David & Leah Ortiz

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Olive Tree which finds us in BeerSheva in southern Israel talking to David and Leah Ortiz. They live in Ariel in central Israel and, as you will hear, work among both Jewish and Muslim people. A few years ago one of their sons, Ami, was seriously injured when a religious Jewish man left a bomb on their doorstep. Theirs is an unusual and very interesting story – so where did it all begin?

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Programme 185 – Dov Bikas (part 2 of 2)

On today’s programme we hear from Dov Bikas, a Russian Jewish pastor. You join us just after we had walked around an area of southern Tel Aviv where literally scores of drug addicts can be found; it’s a place that has an air of hopelessness and desperation.

Dov explains how he became involved in helping these people.

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Programme 184 – Dov Bikas (part 1 of 2)

Today finds us in southern Tel Aviv where on the one hand there is a wealthy banking area, but on the other, a very poor, run down area where scores of drug addicts and prostitutes can be found. On today’s programme we’ll be hearing from a Lithuanian Jew called Dov Bikas. Today he is a pastor working I quote, ‘.. in this miserable area of the city.’ We met him at a drop in centre he opened to give these people a safe place to have a hot meal, a shower and change of clothes.

We will hear more about this aspect of his life on next week’s programme. But first, let’s hear Dov’s story of how he came to Israel at the age of 12.

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Programme 183 – Jack Sara

Recently I went to Bethlehem to meet Jack Sara, the newly appointed President of the Bethlehem Bible College. Some would say this is a challenging job – so how does he see it?

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Programme 182 – Brian Slater

It may surprise you to hear that a vast percentage of the population in Israel live under the poverty line. I recently met a Jewish believer called Brian Slater who runs a soup kitchen in Netanya and asked him to describe the scale of the problem.

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Programme 181 – Labib Madanat (part 2 of 2)

My guest today is a Jordanian Christian called Labib Madanat. He oversees the work of Bible Society in the Middle East and I met him recently in Jerusalem. Labib has been helping Syrian refugees who have fled the civil war in their own country and made their way to northern Jordan. Amongst those refugees are a small number of Syrian Christians and their plight is particular difficult as Labib explains.

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