Programmes 166 – 180

Radio programmes from 166 to 180

Programme 180 – Labib Madanat (part 1 of 2)

Recently I met Labib Madanat in Jerusalem. Labib is Jordanian and lives in Amman. But his work with Bible Society – he heads up their work in the Middle East – brings him to Jerusalem regularly. I asked Labib about the situation in northern Jordan regarding the large numbers of Syrian refugees escaping from the civil war in their own country.

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Programme 179 – Itzhak Mor Haim (part 2 of 2)

Welcome to The Olive Tree with me Julia Fisher, the programme that brings you the stories of what God is doing in Israel and the wider Middle East in these days. Itzhak Mor Haim is a young Jewish believer with a huge vision – here he is to share his journey so far.

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Programme 178 – Itzhak Mor Haim (part 1 of 2)

All the stories you hear on this programme come from Israel and the West Bank – they are the stories of the believers who live there today – Jews and Arabs.
Recently I was in Tel Aviv and met a dynamic young Jewish believer called Itzhak Mor Haim – listen as he shares his fascinating story.

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Programme 177 – Nihad Salman

Today we’re in Bethlehem where there is a small evangelical Christian community living amongst a majority Muslim population. Nihad Salman is the pastor of the Emmanuel Evangelical church situated close to Manger Square and the Church of the Holy Nativity built over the place where tradition has it Jesus was born.

Nihad has seen his church grow from just a few, to a sizeable congregation. Having seen many Christians leave Bethlehem for a better life in the West over recent years, Nihad is concerned for the children and young people in his church. Recently he organised a church conference to bring the entire church family together for a few days. The day before the conference was due to start, disaster struck as Nihad now explains.

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Programme 176 – Eliel Fos

Today my guest is a young Jewish man called Eliel Fos. He used to be a drug addict, as you will hear, but today he is a youth pastor in his congregation in northern Israel.

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Programme 175 – Victor Kallisher (part 3 of 3)

For the past two weeks we’ve heard from Victor Kalisher, a Messianic Jew who runs the Bible Society shop in Jaffa Street in Jerusalem. We heard last week how many Israelis are interested in reading the Scriptures, particularly the Psalms. Victor explained how the Bible Society has produced a version of the Psalms that highlights all the references to the Messiah. So I asked him what reaction he gets from Israelis when they read these Scriptures.

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Programme 174 – Victor Kallisher (part 2 of 3)

Today finds us back in Jerusalem, in Jaffa Street in the Bible Society bookshop talking to Victor Kallisher, the General Secretary of Bible Society in Israel. His story is a remarkable one… his father, who was a Jew from Poland, survived the holocaust and as a very young man came to Israel only to find himself involved in another war, the was of Independence in 1946. Victor takes up the story and goes on to describe how his father’s faith inspired his own.

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Programme 173 – Victor Kallisher (part 1 of 3)

Today finds us in Jerusalem talking to Victor Kallisher, General Secretary of Bible Society in Israel.

What makes his story so remarkable is that he was born in Israel and his father was a holocaust survivor who escaped to Israel after the war. Victor starts by describing his early life.

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Programme 172 – Daniel Goldstein

Live in Israel and you are immediately aware of the Sabbath. Religious or not, Israelis value the Sabbath as a day of rest so when I saw a book in Jerusalem called ‘Practicing the Sabbath with Community’ I was intrigued to meet its author – Daniel Goldstein.
We met at the Bible Society book shop in Jaffa Street, Jerusalem where Daniel works. He was born into a Jewish family in America and came to live in Israel in 2007. I started by asking him why he decided to leave a comfortable life in the US for the challenges of living in Israel.

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Programme 171 – Zvi Randelman (part 2 of 2)

Israel is often described as the Holy Land… so it may come as a surprise to hear that there are aspects of life there that are not so holy – drug and alcohol addiction for example.
But there are people who are trying to help those addicts – Zvi Randelman is one of those people. Some years ago he founded Beit HaYeshua – a faith based rehab centre that has achieved remarkable success rates. He is the first to acknowledge that this success comes from the Holy Spirit as he now explains.

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Programme 170 – Zvi Randelman (part 1 of 2)

Today we meet with Zvi Randelman in Jerusalem. He is the founder and director of a drug rehab programme called Beit HaYeshua – House of Messiah. He starts by describing the situation there today.

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Programme 169 – Shukri

Today finds us in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem talking to a young Palestinian Christian called Shukri. This programme asks one question – what is God doing in the midst of the confusion and turmoil that is the Middle East? What you are about to hear is one of the most remarkable testimonies I have come across in the all the years that I’ve been gathering stories from the Holy Land.

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Programme 168 – Rita Tsukahira 2/2

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Programme 167 – Rita Tsukahira 1/2

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Programme 166 – Mazen Naswari (part 2 of 2)

My guest today is a Palestinian Christian called Mazen Naswari. He lives in the Old City of Jerusalem where he is the pastor of a growing evangelical congregation called the Jerusalem Alliance Church.
As we heard on last week’s programme, Mazen had a dramatic and sudden conversion at the age of 29. So I asked him what made him want to become a pastor.

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