OTRF meeting June 2014 – Labib Madanat

If you missed it, you can listen here to a recording from the

The Inaugural Olive Tree Meeting

Speaker: Labib Madanat

– A Palestinian Christian working amongst Jews and Arabs in Israel and the Middle East

Saturday 7th June

MP3 Download: Download the recording

Labib Madanat

Labib Madanat is not only the director of Bible Society work in the Middle East (overseeing the work of both the Jewish BS and Palestinian BS in Israel/West Bank), he is also a close friend and advisor to the OTRF and a man who (unusually) genuinely carries God’s heart for the region for both Jewish people and Palestinian/Arab people. He describes himself as a Palestinian.

Labib’s parents are Jordanians. He was brought up in the Old City of Jerusalem (where his father was a pastor) and lived there for most of his life before moving to live in Amman, Jordan a couple of years ago. He speaks fluent Arabic, Hebrew, English and German. He is a passionate evangelist and loves sharing his faith particularly with Jewish people because, as he says, ‘I get their full attention!’ He and his wife Carolyn are also involved in helping refugees who are fleeing Syria into camps in northern Jordan. So he is a man with his finger on the pulse of what is happening in the region and coupled with his knowledge of the Scriptures is a man worth hearing!