OT70 – Reconciliation in its deepest sense – Lisa Loden with Julia Fisher

Jul 17, 2011

Julia Fisher talks to Lisa Loden. Married to David, they have lived in Israel for over 30 years. Both from Jewish families, they used to be hippies in America searching for truth and meaning to life. When somebody told them that Jesus was the Messiah they were amazed … and eventually, they came to faith and when they arrived in Israel in 1974, they were amongst some of the earliest Messianic Jewish believers living in the land. Today those numbers have grown and there are approximately 12,000 Jewish believers in Israel today. Lisa has always been interested in reconciliation between her own Jewish people and the Palestinian people with whom they share the land. Thirty years on, her work in this area is taking her to other troubled areas in the world. We met in Netanya recently and Lisa explains her passion for and belief in reconciliation in its deepest sense.