OT397 – Christian Israeli Arab in 100% muslim villages – Israeli Arab pastor with Julia Fisher

Oct 7, 2018

Julia Fisher talks to an Israeli Arab pastor – Today I’m in northern Israel in an Israeli Arab village close to Nazareth. I can’t tell you exactly where I am or who I’m talking to – it would be too dangerous. Suffice to say, I’m with an Israeli Arab pastor in a muslim village. There are many villages in northern Israel where Arabs who are Israeli live. These villages are mainly 100% muslim, so as you can imagine, for a Christian Israeli Arab to go there, he has to be extremely wise and very careful. So who is my guest and what is he doing? I’ll let him introduce himself.

Our aim is to build bridges… To build bridges of understanding and support, in a spirit of reconciliation, between believers (both Jewish and Arab) in the Holy Land (Israel and the Palestinian Areas) and Christians worldwide.