OT373 – Outrageous to our Jewish neighbours – Victor Kalisher with Julia Fisher 1 of 2

Mar 22, 2018

Julia Fisher talks to Victor Kalisher. We met recently in Jerusalem where he is the director of Bible Society work in Israel. Victor’s father had survived the holocaust and eventually found his way to Israel. Life was extremely difficult for him but through a series of so called coincidences he came to believe in Jesus as his Messiah. He married and Victor and his brother were born. But the Kalisher’s were unusual because they believed in Jesus … and as Victor now shares his story, you will hear how outrageous their faith was in the eyes of their Jewish neighbours.

Our aim is to build bridges… To build bridges of understanding and support, in a spirit of reconciliation, between believers (both Jewish and Arab) in the Holy Land (Israel and the Palestinian Areas) and Christians worldwide.