OT287 – Are Palestinian Christians a forgotten church? – Munther Isaac with Julia Fisher

May 19, 2016

Julia Fisher talks to Munther Isaac – Today I’m in Bethlehem at the Bethlehem Bible College talking to Munther Isaac, the Academic Dean of the college where the aim is to train leaders for ministry. Munther describes himself as a Palestinian Christian and as you listen to his story, you will hear the pain and heartache felt by so many evangelical Christians living in the West Bank where they are a tiny minority amongst the majority Muslim population. Added to that is the pain of feeling overlooked and often rejected by Christians in the West who hold a pro-Israel anti-Palestinian position. The aim of this programme is not to take sides, rather to give both peoples the opportunity to share their stories in a spirit of reconciliation in order to better understand what God is doing in the region despite the politics and on going conflict.

Our aim is to build bridges… To build bridges of understanding and support, in a spirit of reconciliation, between believers (both Jewish and Arab) in the Holy Land (Israel and the Palestinian Areas) and Christians worldwide.