OT184 – It was difficult to assimilate to Israeli society – Dov Bikas with Julia Fisher 1 of 2

Feb 13, 2014

Julia Fisher talks to Dov Bikas – Today finds us in southern Tel Aviv where on the one hand there is a wealthy banking area, but on the other, a very poor, run down area where scores of drug addicts and prostitutes can be found. On today’s programme we’ll be hearing from a Lithuanian Jew called Dov Bikas. Today he is a pastor working I quote, ‘.. in this miserable area of the city.’ We met him at a drop in centre he opened to give these people a safe place to have a hot meal, a shower and change of clothes. We will hear more about this aspect of his life on next week’s programme. But first, let’s hear Dov’s story of how he came to Israel at the age of 12.

Our aim is to build bridges… To build bridges of understanding and support, in a spirit of reconciliation, between believers (both Jewish and Arab) in the Holy Land (Israel and the Palestinian Areas) and Christians worldwide.