OT152 – From the beginning God gave us a community – Marcel Rebiai with Julia Fisher 2 of 3

May 23, 2013

Julia Fisher talks to Marcel Rebiai – Last week we heard from Marcel Rebiai, he lives in Jerusalem in a house overlooking Mount Zion! He described his unusual background of being born in Algeria where his father was Arab and his mother, whom he never met, was, he understands, from a Jewish family. Marcel lived for many years with a missionary family in Switzerland. Later, when he married, he and his wife took the decision to start a Christian community, at first within Europe, and live out their faith in a practical. 20 years ago, they arrived in Jerusalem. This was not an easy move for Marcel and he described how he struggled with the prospect for a long time. So I asked him how he started to build a community here.

Our aim is to build bridges… To build bridges of understanding and support, in a spirit of reconciliation, between believers (both Jewish and Arab) in the Holy Land (Israel and the Palestinian Areas) and Christians worldwide.