Meet me at the Olive Tree

By Julia Fisher

The fifteen remarkable stories of Jewish believers and Arab/Palestinian Christians featured in this book present the reader with a dilemma: how to reconcile what is broadcast through the news channels with what God is doing in Israel and the West Bank today!

Here you will read how the Body of Christ, which includes both Jews and non-Jews (Arabs/Palestinians) is growing in size and unity in the Holy Land, despite the politics and conflict that divide these two peoples. Reconciliation in the Middle East is fraught with danger and seemingly impossible challenges. However, reconciliation is possible through the Cross, no matter how powerful the childhood indoctrination or how great the social pressure.

Meet Me at the Olive Tree is based on The Olive Tree series of radio programmes which Julia Fisher presents on Premier Radio. She is a regular visitor to Israel, and author of a number of books including Israel’s New Disciples.  


Meet me at the Olive Tree? – Price: £8.99 + p&p: £2.00



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