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Programme 391 – Marwan Beem 2 of 2

My guest today is Marwan Beem, an Israeli Arab pastor living in northern Israel. As we heard on last week’s programme, Marwan had a sad childhood – his father was an alcoholic and Marwan suffered as a result. By the age of 17 his life felt hopeless and he was ready to die. It was then a friend told him about Jesus and for the first time in his life, Marwan knew he was loved. That encounter changed his life and he became a pastor. A few years ago, Marwan’s wife felt that God was calling them to go and live in the West Bank amongst the Muslim community. As you are about to hear, Marwan did not think this a good idea.

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Programme 390 – Marwan Beem 1 of 2

Today, I’m in Haifa in northern Israel talking to an Israeli Arab, Marwan Beem, who is a Christian. Marwan is a pastor, but, his story has involved pain and struggle and as you will hear, he has been through many difficult experiences. In this, the first of two programmes with Marwan, he describes his early life.

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Programme 389 – Dan Sered 2 of 2

Today I’m in Tel Aviv in the offices of Jews for Jesus, talking to their Israeli Director, Dan Sered. For many years, Jews for Jesus teams have been going around Israel running campaigns telling people about Jesus, their Messiah. I asked him for an update on their activities … you may be surprised to hear about their latest campaign.

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Programme 388 – Dan Sered 1 of 2

Jews for Jesus are well known for their brave and creative methods of evangelism around the world. As you would expect from their name, they are primarily but not exclusively concerned with reaching Jewish people. Today I’m in Tel Aviv talking to their Israeli director, Dan Sered. He was born in Israel and heads up a large team of missionaries who are creative in the way they plan and execute their campaigns. I asked Dan for an update on their work in Israel.

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Programme 387 – Israeli Arab pastor 2 of 2

For the past three years we have watched as millions of refugees have poured out of Syria into Europe. Many countries in Europe have felt overwhelmed. Many Christians have felt overwhelmed by the sudden arrival of so many Muslims in their towns.
My guest today is an Israeli Arab Christian. He’s been following the plight of these refugees and has himself travelled to Europe on a number of occasions to meet with them. Listen now as he shares his insight and stories of personal encounters with many Muslim refugees in European countries.

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Programme 386 – Arab pastor 1 of 2

Today we’re in Haifa talking to an Arab Christian who is a pastor in the city. Not only is he the pastor of an Arab church in down town Haifa, he is also running a media centre reaching into many nations of the world, and he is involved with a Messianic congregation as you will hear. Listen now as he shares his amazing story.

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