King of the Jews

By Charles Gardner

King of the Jews – Why the Bible and all History points to Jesus

Passion is what underpins this book – a passion to tell the sceptic and the unbeliever that the Jesus of the New testament can also be found in the Old Testament (aka the Tanakh).

Aimed at two groups of people – Jews and Christians – Charles Gardner (himself part Jewish and a Christian) skilfully draws the reader into his own experience of discovery. But this is no crusty tome, rather it brings the Bible into world events we recognise today and then projects forward to the future.

So this is a timely book. As the author says, ‘In spite of the efforts of Spurgeon and others, the modern-day church is in danger of not recognising God’s hand in Israel’s restoration.’ By this he refers to the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and the return to Israel of thousands of Jewish people. He goes on to say, ‘Israel and Jesus are among the major themes of the Bible …. Much of it contains prophecy about things to come and, of these, top of the list are the frequent references to the coming of the Messiah … first as the suffering servant and sacrifice for sins and a second time as King of kings and settler of all international disputes.’

Written with his characteristic journalistic flair, Charles Gardner tackles this immense subject with courage and good humour. An eminently readable book, it will be appreciated by many and form the basis for discussion and


Reviewed by Julia Fisher
Published by Christian Publications International, April 2020

King of the Jews – Price: £10 + p&p



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