Aviv Ministry – March 2020 by Dov Bikas

Apr 24, 2020

Title: Aviv Ministry – March 2020
Author: Dov Bikas, Aviv Ministry
Date: 25.4.2020

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Dear Praying Friends,

As our country is taking more and more quarantine measures, our ministry in Tel Aviv continues as much as possible. On the deserted streets of Tel Aviv it seems as if the number of drug addicts and the homeless has increased, because only they are sitting on the sidewalks, standing in the shadow of the fences, wandering around… They are as lonely and confused as never before!

We are not allowed to open Aviv Center, but we try to do as much as we can in the present circumstances (and according to the directives of the Ministry of Health), so that the street people do not feel abandoned and forgotten. I am very proud of our volunteers! Despite all the difficulties and dangers, they keep coming in very small groups (no more than 2 people can travel in the car now) to feed the hungry and share the Good News.

Please pray for the addicts, as they (both on the streets and in our rehabs) are an especially vulnerable group: their health is very week because of drugs, and most of them have background illnesses.

Our rahab center in Beersheva remains full; several days ago we took two new guys, so at present Oleg is taking care of 14 rehabilitants. Please pray for him!

These days many of you have a chance to understand Olga’s situation better: she is joking that she has been in a “quarantine” for 3,5 years already! Indeed, since she became ill she has been homebound and can go outside only for very short periods of time. Please keep praying for her.

Now I am more at home too, of course, and that, on the bright side, gives me a long-needed rest after a very intensive and stressful period. However, in the present situation, along with the natural concern for the lives and suffering of the people in our country and worldwide, I start worrying about the future of our ministry – its financial survival in the context of developing financial crisis. We cannot really cut our expenses – rent, salaries or food and other supplies for our rehabilitants… Please pray.

And we are very grateful for all of you who keep supporting our work!

Thank you so much for your care and prayers,

May the Lord bless you and keep you and your families safe!

In Him,


Title: Aviv Ministry – March 2020
Author: Dov Bikas, Aviv Ministry
Date: 25.4.2020

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