A call to prayer

Sep 29, 2020

Author : Ofer Amitai, Messianic pastor Jerusalem and Director of Israel Prayer Centre



Situation in Israel and praying for leadership

Dear Friends,

I send this little update with some trepidation. I don’t know how many of God’s people in the nations are ready to face things as they are and not as we wish them to be. Yet I believe God has His people who will stand before Him, as Moses did, and “argue” His case before Him. You don’t find the intercessors in the Bible, fudging on our nation’s need when they prayed (Daniel 9 is a case in point). So I send this lovingly to you, and ask those of you who pray for Israel, to stand in the gap and cry out to Him.

God bless each of you, dear brothers and sisters in the Lord. May we all have the courage to stand before the Lord, face reality, and believe Him to move mightily to fulfill His Word, all of His Word. Blessings in Messiah — Ofer


The Situation in the Land


Pandemic in Israel

Today, the number of those infected with Covid-19 in Israel is the highest in the world, per capita!

We are in a lockdown that began before the Jewish New Year, and is to last at least till October 11; authorities are “promising” it will be extended as needed. This lockdown is devastating to the economy and to countless families experiencing unimagined situations such as lack of food, inability to pay rent, utilities, etc.

In addition it has been very hard psychologically for the nation, especially as it seems that a comprehensive, all-encompassing lockdown is unnecessary, as per the Corona Czar, Prof. Gamzu, the medical experts, and the ministry of finance.

Since there is no proof that workplaces are a source of infection, nor are the anti-Netanyahu protests, it seems that the total lockdown is politically motivated. The perception that these decisions are politically motivated has demoralized the nation, and if true, point to a lack of real leadership. Three elections in one year should have alerted us to the danger the country was in.

Thankfully God has gone on record (His Word), expressing a deep concern for good leadership. He cares about His nation. He Himself is the best leader of all—our King. And yet, until He comes, we must have good shepherds. It is incredible to contemplate that Yeshua, the Good Shepherd, laid down His life for His sheep. O’ for leaders with such a spirit in them.

How to pray
Ezekiel 34 is an amazing chapter to read and contemplate and pray through; as it unfolds God’s analysis of bad leadership and good leadership. We must not shy away from praying God’s word, for the sake of politics. (More on this at another time.)

The Word of God lifts us beyond politics to see the heavenly sight and to see the heart of God for His people. Although many emphasize Ezekiel 36 as The Chapter to pray through for the restoration of Israel, I think chapters 34 to the end of 37, if not to the end of chapter 39, are a more complete story of Israel’s restoration.

And for this, we cry out to God! May God help us to be there for God, to stand before Him for His whole counsel. May you and I be part of that company.

Shall we pray?



Title: A call to prayer
Author : Ofer Amitai, Messianic pastor Jerusalem and Director of Israel Prayer Centre
Date : 29th September 2020.

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