20th October – Walking in the light

Oct 20, 2020

A daily series of devotional podcasts read from “To See God” by Marcel Rebiai.

Seeing God means finding oneself and finding life’ writes Marcel Rebiai in the foreword to this his latest book, ‘coming home, from restlessness to peace, from bitterness to forgiveness, from fear to security. Humans can only discover their true identity in the face of God; only from this perspective can we understand one another. Whoever sees God breaks through to joy and freedom. God Himself invites us to seek Him and promises that we will find Him; He wants to reveal Himself to us. He meets us halfway, but it’s up to us to approach Him.

Marcel Rebiai was born in Algeria in 1953 but grew up in Switzerland after being orphaned by war. In his youth he had a profound encounter with Jesus. He is the founder of the Community of Reconciliation, which represents God’s reconciling love to both Jews and Arabs in the Middle East.